Does your organization's risk management program engender a culture that delivers excellent performance, true accountability and resilience?

We help executive teams and boards gain clarity and confidence by having effective conversations about complex and difficult risk issues. We guide our clients through challenging people and leadership issues to ensure their ERM programs successfully and sustainably enhance accountability, performance and resilience.

Our clients learn how to enable their people to take the calculated risks necessary to stay competitive and to innovate. We show our clients how to build resilience into their organization so that they can handle the relentless pace of change and the ‘surprises’ that the outside world throws at them. The transition to a highly productive and accountable organization is more immediate than most executives anticipate.

We help our clients to embed risk management into their culture in a way that is simple and sustainable regardless of the size or complexity of their business.

  • Are you just starting out on your journey toward systematic risk management or looking to tighten-up your risk management practices? Our risk management diagnostic processes have been designed to give you the tools and skills you need to quickly assess your risks and to take stock of your organization’s risk management capabilities. You'll be able to develop a realistic and cost-effective plan for implementing systematic risk management in your organization.
  • Do you need to quantify the threats and opportunities associated with your key strategies and decisions? We bring forward solid information to ensure your decisions are robust and defensible. We know how to target the key performance and risk factors you need to measure and monitor your activities and results to make sure you stay on track with your corporate strategies and objectives.
  • Do you need to quickly increase your people’s risk management knowledge and skills? You don’t want theory! Our business risk management coaches give you the practical advice and tips you need to implement systematic and sustainable risk management in your organization.

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I’m Diana Del Bel Belluz, President and founder of Risk Wise Inc. Helping medium-sized and large organizations to manage their risks proactively and systematically has been my passion since 1990. As part of my mission to make risk management a standard business practice, I am documenting my know-how in my forthcoming book Risk Management Made Simple: An Executive’s Guide to Superior Performance, Accountability and Competitiveness.

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Moving Beyond the Risk Map to Operational Vigilance

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Diana's Pick

The Neuroscience of Enterprise Risk Management (written by Diana Del Bel Belluz of Risk Wise) expores findings from the field of neuroscience and shares practical tips on how to apply them to enhance individuals' risk management thinking and implement brain-friendly ERM practices in organizations.

The article was published by The Conference Board of Canada in the Autumn 2017 issue of the journal Risk Watch.