Are you seeking to improve your organization’s performance, accountability and competitiveness? This page outlines the typical reasons that motivate our clients to seek Risk Wise advice, the nature of our clients' risk management needs and the characteristics that we share with our successful clients.

We help organizations implement pragmatic, systematic and sustainable risk management programs!

The organizations we work with are already doing risk management. The problem is risk management isn’t practiced consistently across the organization. In many cases, employees aren’t sure about how or when to use risk management. Our clients have experienced the consequences of an ad hoc approach to risk management implementation including:

  • Less than stellar performance despite having a great strategy.
  • An inability to demonstrate due diligence to regulators, shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • Losing out to competitors either because they fail to spot new trends in the marketplace or because they can’t mobilize their resources fast enough to respond to new threats and opportunities when they arise.

We work with executives and managers who:

  • Are frustrated by wasting time ‘fighting fires’ instead of achieving their goals.
  • Want to implement more systematic risk management to ensure they meet their objectives while making the most efficient use of their resources.
  • Want assurance that their people are managing risks appropriately and consistently.

Examples of clients who I have helped include: Bombardier, British Columbia Safety Authority, the Canadian Coast Guard, Dofasco, Dow Chemical Canada, Environment Canada, the Nuclear Waste Management Authority, Ontario Hydro, Public Works and Government Services Canada, the Toronto Transit Commission, and Transport Canada.

Do these issues sound familiar to you?

  • You have been charged with implementing a coordinated, consistent approach to risk management across your organization. You are madly trying to come up to speed on risk management and have limited implementation resources in terms of time, people, and money. You want a workable risk management strategy and implementation plan to address your organization’s unique circumstances. You need a plan that has clear milestones and priorities that make the best use of your resources.
  • Your organization already has plenty of good management practices in place and you don’t want to reinvent the wheel or impose a cumbersome new management system. You want to get a clear picture of where your existing risk management strengths are so that you can build on them. You also want to pinpoint any weaknesses that are preventing your organization from achieving your full performance potential.
  • You work in a support function such as finance, internal audit, legal, insurance, or health and safety. You instinctively see the value of a systematic and comprehensive approach to risk management but need to convince others to get behind risk management. You want a strong business case to convince your executive management team to implement an enterprise risk management program.
  • You have begun to integrate risk management into your business practices but are having difficulty demonstrating the value of your risk management efforts. You want to be able to quantify the benefits of risk management and link to existing performance monitoring and management systems.
  • You are beginning to implement systematic risk management but are unsure of what approaches are available or best suited for your organization. You want proven risk management tools and techniques that work for your business, not bureaucracy.
  • You have designed and rolled-out risk management processes but you are not satisfied with the level of buy-in from front line staff and middle-managers. You want to improve the level of compliance with expected risk management behaviour across the organization.
  • You have put in place risk management structures but lack full support from your leadership team. You want to inspire key executives and senior managers to champion risk management and lead by example.
  • Your organization’s risk management approach has been reactive and you want to begin shifting to a proactive approach with a longer-term perspective. But you lack a practical, credible method to assess your organization’s level of risk management maturity. You want to create a roadmap for continuous improvement.

Sounds good but are we compatible?

A great deal of success in life and business comes down to personal chemistry. It’s hard to define and yet it can be the crucial difference that determines success or failure. You are likely to find us successful working partners if, like us, you are:

  • Down-to-earth and practical. If something works you’re interested to see how far you can go with it and if it doesn’t you don’t get locked into defending it. You appreciate that a dose of structure & process can go a long way without getting bogged down in bureaucracy & red tape.
  • Ready to make the changes necessary to implement a systematic approach to risk management. You know that the big investment in implementing any management technique isn’t so much time or money as it is effort. You have what it takes to persevere through the many challenges that can arise during the implementation process.
  • Committed to long-term solutions and willing to work diligently. You know that opting for a ‘quick fix’ almost always leads to failure and disappointment. Risk management is like a marathon rather than a sprint. Clients who recognize the long-term value of risk management work hard to develop and maintain their organization’s risk management ‘muscle’. You’re ready to incrementally and persistently build up risk management until it becomes a standard practice across your organization.
  • Recognize that effective risk management strikes the right balance between processes and people. You are ready to put in place robust structures and processes AND to develop a strong risk management culture in your people.
  • Prepared to develop business risk management knowledge and competencies in yourself and your people. Ultimately, the success of any risk management program is dependent on how well people use it. No one becomes a risk management expert overnight. Successful clients give their people appropriate initial training and on-going coaching to cement buy-in.

If you think we have a lot in common with you in terms of your approach, attitude and risk management objectives, then I encourage you to click on the following links to learn more about HOW WE WORK with our clients, read about the results we've helped clients deliver in our CASE STUDIES or simply CONTACT US to discuss your specific challenges.


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