Strategic Decision Support - Risk Assessment services

Are you bringing forward the best information possible for your strategic decisions? 

Are you certain that you are striking the right balance between the essential factors?

The ultimate outcome of our Risk Assessment services is to provide you with solid information to ensure your key strategies and decisions are robust and defensible.

With every Risk Assessment and Decision-Support package you gain:

  • An independent assessment of the particular high-level risk(s) you need to quantify for critical strategic decisions. This can include an assessment of risks arising due to factors that are internal and/or external to your organization.
  • Evidence of the key performance and risk factors you need to measure and monitor to make sure you stay on track with your corporate strategies and objectives. Armed with this information, you can make decisions based on the facts rather than on what you hope is happening inside and outside of your organization.
  • A clear understanding of the interdependencies between the internal and external risk factors so that you can cut through the noise and focus on the critical factors for decision-making.
  • An easily understood and transparent risk assessment document that you can use to enhance communication with your stakeholders. We can also help you to craft and deliver your risk management messages.

How our Risk Assessment and Decision-Support service works:

  • In our Risk Assessment and Decision-Support service Risk Wise provides you its extensive knowledge, skills and experience in risk analytics, risk modeling, and risk communication.
  • Our approach is to work with you to understand the parameters of your strategic decision and of your business environment.
  • We compile the information and structure it in a way that enables you to make an informed, defensible decision.
  • We present the results of the risk assessment in writing and in other formats that meet your needs to communicate in a transparent and effective manner with your management team and your stakeholders.

For more information on our Risk Assessment and Decision-Support services, click here to complete an on-line information request or contact Diana Del Bel Belluz directly by email at  Diana.Belluz @ or by phone at (416) 214-7598.

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