We enable you to be confident that your people are managing risks consistently across your enterprise.

How can Risk Wise services help you to ingrain the proactive thinking and discipline of risk management into your business practices?

To gain the full benefit of risk management, you need to do two things. You need to introduce the discipline of risk management tools and methods into you business processes AND you need to nurture risk management thinking and culture in your people so that they can embed risk management into decisions across your organization.

Risk Wise offers Risk Management Diagnostic services to help you to develop and implement the discipline of risk management with effective risk management tools and processes that are customized for your organization’s unique business environment. And we offer a number of coaching and mentoring services to you to enhance your organization’s risk management practices and culture.

From short-term, tactical assistance in assessing your organization’s risk exposure and risk management capabilities through to more strategic assistance to help you build your organization’s capacity to maximize the assurance and commercial benefits delivered by your risk management programs, we offer three main types of services:

  • Risk Management Diagnostic services. Are you just starting out on your journey toward systematic risk management or looking to tighten-up your risk management practices? If so, you’ll want to focus your efforts on your most significant risk exposures and your best opportunities to enhance risk management practices in your organization. Our risk management diagnostic processes have been designed to give you the tools and skills you need to quickly assess your risks and to take stock of your organization’s risk management capabilities. Armed with this knowledge, we’ll help you to identify a realistic and cost-effective plan for implementing systematic risk management in your organization. Click here for complete details on our Risk Management Diagnostic services.

  • Strategic Decision Support - Risk Assessment services. Do you need to quantify the threats and opportunities associated with your key strategies and decisions? Risk Wise professionals have extensive experience in quantifying risks. We bring forward solid information to ensure your decisions are robust and defensible. We know how to target the key performance and risk factors you need to measure and monitor your activities and results to make sure you stay on track with your corporate strategies and objectives. Click here for complete details on our Strategic Decision Support - Risk Assessment services.

  • Risk Management Implementation Support - Coaching and Mentoring services. Do you need to quickly increase your people’s risk management knowledge and skills? You don’t want theory! You need practical advice and tips on how to implement systematic risk management in your organization. Our Risk Management 'Personal Trainer' Service is designed for executives who don’t have time for formal training courses and prefer one-on-one advice tailored to their busy schedule and their specific risk management challenges. Our In-house Risk Management Team Coaching gives your team access to a risk management expert to support them as they implement systematic and sustainable risk management practices in your organization. Our 'Inner Circle' for Risk Management Professionals Service provides regular access to the latest in risk management thinking and allows you to share tips and implementation experiences with fellow risk management professionals who work in different organizations. Click here for complete details on ourMentoring and Coaching services.

  • Risk Management Jump Start service. Is your risk management program stalled or do you want to accelerate the pace of implementation? You want help overcoming the roadblocks to getting people across your organization to buy-in to risk management and embrace your risk management framework and tools. Our Risk Management Jump Start service gives you access to 1-to-1 personal advice from Diana Del Bel Belluz on how to refocus your risk management implementation strategy on the key factors that will drive success and re-energize you for journey. Click here for complete details on our Risk Management Jump Start service.

Now that you’ve had a chance to find out more about our services, click here for CASE STUDIES that demonstrate the results we help our clients achieve or CONTACT US to learn more about how we can help you.


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The article was published by The Conference Board of Canada in the Autumn 2017 issue of the journal Risk Watch.