Selected Publications

Here is a list of selected publications authored by Diana Del Bel Belluz. We've provided links to those articles which are available online.

  • Healthcare Enterprise Risk Management - In an article for the newsletter of the Canadian Society of Physician Executives, Diana Del Bel Belluz explains why leaders in the healthcare sector are adopting ERM an essential tool for nativating the complex stewardship decisions they face. Click here for a copy of the article.
  • The Secret Weapon for ERM Implementation - In Risk and Insurance ® magazine, Diana Del Bel Belluz penned an article about the essential communication tactics and skills that risk officers need to engage employees to make risk management live and breath in their organization. Click here for a copy of the article.
  • Implementing Systematic Risk Managment - In Lessons from the World of Risk Management, Diana Del Bel Belluz shared with the American Records Management Association five key elements of successful risk management. Click here for the transcript.
  • Modern risk management. Enron, Barings, Firestone, Safety-Kleen, Canadian Red Cross, Exxon — all leading organizations that have been in the news for spectacular risk management failures that produced financial losses, environmental and safety incidents, damage to reputation and even corporate demise. It seems every day the business pages are filled with similar bad news stories. And what's preventing your firm from being the next news headliner? Click here to link to the article in CA magazine.
  • Benchmarking - Find out how the chemical industry in Canada uses benchmarking to better understand their risk exposures in the article Making it safe: process safety management in Canada. Click here to link to the article in Engineering Dimensions magazine.
  • Risk Management Decision Making: The Human Factors Approach, D. Del Bel Belluz, L. Wilson. Paper in Making Process Safety Pay: The Business Case conference proceedings published by the Center for Chemical Process Safety, 2001.
  • Risk Management and Risk Communication, D. Del Bel Belluz, W. Stiebel. Article in July/August 1999 issue of Engineering Dimensions magazine of Professional Engineers Ontario.

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Diana's Pick

The Neuroscience of Enterprise Risk Management (written by Diana Del Bel Belluz of Risk Wise) expores findings from the field of neuroscience and shares practical tips on how to apply them to enhance individuals' risk management thinking and implement brain-friendly ERM practices in organizations.

The article was published by The Conference Board of Canada in the Autumn 2017 issue of the journal Risk Watch.