Risk Management Diagnostic services

“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice,

whether it be in medicine or management”  Karl Albrecht

The ultimate outcomes of our Risk Management Diagnostic service are you get an accurate and meaningful picture of your situation and you acquire the capability to assess your organization’s unique risks and risk management status any time you want.

With every Risk Management Diagnostic package you gain:

  • an assessment of your current risk management situation -- both the extent of your risk exposures and the strength of your risk management capabilities
  • a pragmatic plan to enhance your risk management program and practices that is tailored to your business environment and your particular risk management implementation challenges
  • simple and effective diagnostic tools to assess your risks and the effectiveness of your risk management activities
  • the expert guidance of a risk management mentor who will facilitate your risk management assessment and coach your team on how to use the risk management diagnostic tools
  • training in risk management fundamentals -- both knowledge and hands-on development of the skills you need to systematize your organization’s risk management practices

How our Risk Management Diagnostic service works:

  • The Risk Management Diagnostic consists of our time-tested system of risk management tools combined with our experience in applying and adapting them to handle your unique business environment and situation.
  • Our approach is to work with a team of your management and operational people to give them the knowledge and skills to assess your risk exposures and the state of your risk management capabilities.
  • If the diagnostic process requires significant technical knowledge and information, we bring in your functional experts (e.g., human resources, marketing, sales, purchasing, audit, project management, engineering, information technology, health/safety/environment, etc.). If your company doesn't have in-house functional experts, Risk Wise can bring in resources to ensure the technical aspects of the risk management assessment are robust.
  • There are three phases in the Risk Management Diagnostic process:

Phase 1: Fact Finding. We investigate your situation to answer key questions such as: How can the risk management diagnostic help you to achieve your business objectives? What are the key opportunities for systematizing your risk management to enhance your performance, accountability and competitiveness? What is your risk culture?

Phase 2: Assessment. We facilitate the risk management assessment process and guide you through each step of the process. A big part of what we do is to transfer to your team the knowledge of the risk methods you’ll need to for systematic risk management and the skills in how to apply them. This enables you to make the risk management tools your own and integrate them into your existing business practices.

Phase 3: Risk Management Planning. We work with you to create a pragmatic and achievable plan to systematize risk management in your organization. This includes developing an implementation strategy that will produce sustained results over the long-term. You’ll receive a detailed written plan that identifies the specific milestones, timelines and resources required to systematize risk management within your budget and target timeframe.

For more information on Risk Management Diagnostic services, click here to complete an on-line information request or contact Diana Del Bel Belluz directly by email at  Diana.Belluz @ riskwise.ca or by phone at (416) 214-7598.or contact Diana Del Bel Belluz directly by email at  Diana.Belluz @ riskwise.ca or by phone at (416) 214-7598.

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