How we work

We focus on implementing practical risk management approachs to deliver significant business benefits for large organizations.

What’s it like to work with Risk Wise on your team?

On this page we’ll tell you a little about the results our clients achieve with us and we’ll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, our approach to client projects and how we’re different from most risk management consulting firms.

Expect results!

We create solutions that address your immediate needs and also position you to continuously improve your risk management practices. We want to help you to systematize your risk management practices so that you can:

  • Meet your performance targets. Risk management is about choosing the right risks to take and then managing the outcomes for success. We show you how to pinpoint opportunities to improve your performance by eliminating waste and inefficiencies in your processes. You’ll be able to better align your resources for peak performance.
  • Demonstrate due diligence to regulators, shareholders and other stakeholders. We help you to systematically consider risk in your decision-making processes. You will know, and be able to show how, your people are managing risks properly and without adding a lot of red tape.
  • Take on the competition. We help you transform the information you are already gathering into intelligence on important emerging trends in your marketplace and external environment. You will have the information you need to mobilize your resources to deal with new threats and opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Guiding Beliefs

Our mission is to make systematic risk management a standard business practice. Our approach is based on these core principles:

  • Better risk management = better performance, accountability and competitiveness. Risk management is our passion because we know that it works. We want you to experience the satisfaction and confidence that results from knowing you have selected the best strategy for serving your market, you have efficiently allocated your resources, and you are successfully achieving your goals and objectives.

  • Risk Management can be made simple. By embedding simple tools and techniques into your core business processes and diligently supporting them, you can improve the quality of your decisions. Our projects immediately produce better performance outcomes and improved accountability.

  • Flexibility not bureaucracy. Risk Management is NOT about checking off tick boxes or adding layers of red tape.  It’s a discipline that helps you navigate the uncertainty and surprises that are a fact of life in business. When it’s done right, Risk Management enables you to innovate and find creative ways to offer more value to your customers and shareholders.

  • Building capability. We believe that every project we do for you should build your organization’s capabilities to practice risk management. We scope every project to ensure that your resources build and strengthen your existing knowledge, processes and systems so that you can sustain and improve risk management over the long term. Success for us means you have an effective risk management program and no longer need our help to improve your risk management capabilities.

  • Cost effectiveness. No matter how small or large the project, we help you to select wise investments of your time, effort and money that will move you strategically and measurably toward your risk management vision.

Our Approach 

We could offer everything to everyone, but we don't. Our typical client engagement process begins with a complimentary discussion to gain an understanding of each other and the services we offer. During this initial discussion, we work with you to:

Step 1:

Clarify your risk management vision

Step 2:

Select the key risk management capabilities you desire to build over the short-term and long-term

Step 3:

Uncover hidden challenges and blind spots that could be sabotaging your success

Step 4:

Create a clear action plan for moving ahead with risk management implementation

Step 5:

Identify the areas where you may desire support from Risk Wise to move forward with your action plan

How we’re unique

  • Customized solutions. Although there are basic skills and processes for risk management, each organization has unique goals, strategies, capabilities, customers and stakeholders and therefore must find its own best path to success. We’ll learn about the history that has led to your success, your present situation and your goals for the future. Only then will we present recommendations and options for moving forward. Drawing on our expertise in business and risk management, we will work with you to customize the right combination of services to meet your needs. Our experience in designing and implementing risk management programs ensures that we focus on your critical challenges and work with you to develop a strategy to clear your unique implementation hurdles.
  • Seasoned professionals only. Because our consultants all have extensive business and risk management experience, we can quickly develop solutions that will work for your situation. We don’t waste your time by using your project as a training ground for junior consultants.
  • Sustained impact. To ensure that our work has a lasting impact, we build a knowledge transfer component into every project so that your people know how to sustain the risk management initiatives you have implemented after the project is complete.
  • Our price guarantee. Unlike many consultants, we work on a fixed-price basis for each project. We are so confident that we can deliver our proposed solution within the agreed budget that we have thrown out the hourly rate approach. You know what results we will deliver and exactly how much it will cost you. No surprises, that’s our guarantee.

The Bottom Line

When you work with Risk Wise, you’ll start to see results quickly. Short-term changes will develop into long-term success — systematic risk management that will impact your bottom line.

Now that you have learned how we work and the kinds of results we are committed to producing, learn about OUR SERVICES or CONTACT US.


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