diana_del_bel_belluzI'm Diana Del Bel Belluz, President of Risk Wise Inc., a management consulting firm that assists executives in complex businesses to identify, measure and proactively manage their enterprise and operational risks. I work with executives and management teams who are frustrated with wasting effort, resources and time on ‘fighting fires’ and recovering from full-blown crises. I show them how to anticipate and prevent problems before they occur so they can refocus their energy into their true business objectives.

Through my consulting practice, I have developed a system of practical, time-tested tools and techniques that enable executives and management teams to improve their performance and accountability. I show my clients how to build resilience into their organization so that they can handle the relentless pace of change and the ‘surprises’ that the outside world throws at them. My clients learn how to enable their people to take the calculated risks necessary to innovate and maintain their competitive edge.

Since 1990, I have been doing leading-edge work for companies in a wide range of industries and for government organizations. Examples of clients who I have helped include: Bombardier, British Columbia Safety Authority, the Canadian Coast Guard, Dofasco, Dow Chemical Canada, Environment Canada, Mackenzie Health, Mars Canada, Ontario Hydro, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Public Health Ontario, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the Toronto Transit Commission, and Transport Canada.

I bring to the table BOTH broad knowledge of risk management AND extensive people and communication skills. I excel in situations where I can apply my strong analytic and organizational skills to compile and synthesize data to support strategic decision-making. I have a talent for facilitation and listening that enables me to draw out essential information from relevant stakeholders. I convey clear, compelling messages to my audience.  

Throughout my career, I have advanced the field of risk management by teaching university courses and management training seminars, speaking at conferences and authoring publications on a wide range of risk management topics. Click on these links to view lists of selected speaking engagements and publications. Here are a few examples of my service to the profession:

  • I am author of the forthcoming book Risk Management Made Simple: An Executive's Guide for Achieving Superior Performance, Accountability and Competitiveness.
  • During 2005-2006, I served as a founding faculty member of the Centre of Excellence for Operational Risk Management at the Schulich School of Business.
  • Since 2001, I have set the agenda for The Conference Board of Canada’s annual Risk Management Conference.
  • I was instrumental in founding the Canadian Network for Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
  • I have been a leader in the Process Safety and Loss Management community in Canada, a focal point for risk management in the chemical and oil industries.
  • During the mid-1990’s, as Executive Director of the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Risk Research, I played a major role in building the field of risk management through high profile consulting projects, groundbreaking research, pioneering conferences and publications.

Over the past 20 years, I have developed a large network of business and risk management professionals that Risk Wise can team up with to ensure that our clients get the right expertise to tackle their unique management challenges.

You can access a selection of my publications online by clicking on RESOURCES.To explore how Risk Wise can help you to systematize your risk management practices, CONTACT US.


Moving Beyond the Risk Map to Operational Vigilance

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The Neuroscience of Enterprise Risk Management (written by Diana Del Bel Belluz of Risk Wise) expores findings from the field of neuroscience and shares practical tips on how to apply them to enhance individuals' risk management thinking and implement brain-friendly ERM practices in organizations.

The article was published by The Conference Board of Canada in the Autumn 2017 issue of the journal Risk Watch.