In-house Risk Management Implementation Team Coaching

  • The ultimate outcome of our In-house Risk Management Implementation Team Coaching service is to give you practical advice and tips on how to implement systematic risk management in your organization.
  • When you engage in an In-house Risk Management Implementation Team Coaching program, your team will:
    • Enjoy the support of a risk management expert who will facilitate teamwork as your people execute your risk management implementation plan.
    • Learn time tested techniques for risk management implementation from a risk management advisor who is committed to helping you advance your risk management program.
    • Discuss risk management issues your organization is grappling with today and develop actionable solutions that your team can apply immediately.
    • Learn how to nurture a ‘risk aware’ culture and a common management language to break down the silos that prevent cooperation and seamless management across the departments and business units in your organization.
    • Receive timely advice on how to tackle the challenges that inevitably arise in any risk management implementation initiative.
  • How our In-house Risk Management Implementation Team Coaching service works:
    • We customize the program to fit your needs. We work with you to set the long-term goals for the implementation program and to build the resources you need for a sustainable risk management program. We also work with you in the short-term to determine the agenda for each group coaching session to ensure that you get the risk management knowledge and timely advice you need.
    • Sessions bring together the core of your implementation team. Additional sessions can be provided to help you roll-out your risk management program to other managers and key risk management actors across your organization.
    • Group coaching sessions are more frequent (weekly or biweekly) at the beginning of the implementation process and taper off as the discipline and thinking of risk management become ingrained in your business practices.
    • The initial team coaching session is held in person to establish the rapport needed for a healthy group dynamic. Subsequent coaching sessions are conducted by conference call to enable you to involve members of your team from different locations without wasting time and costs on travel.
    • Sessions are 60-minutes in duration, but can be longer or shorter, depending on the nature of the issues to be tackled in the session.
    • At the conclusion of each coaching session, team members will decide what actions and next steps they need to take to advance the implementation of your risk management program.
    • Your risk management coach will help your team to establish an accountability process to ensure that your risk management implementation stays on track with your plan and ultimately achieves your risk management goals.

For more information on In-house Risk Management Implementation Team Coaching services, click here to complete an on-line information request or contact Diana Del Bel Belluz directly by email at Diana.Belluz @  or by phone at 416.214.7598

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